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Saturday Morning Partner Circuit


"I have been at Eager Beaver for about 3 months now and love it! This is a place that I feel the most comfortable and have achieved the best results. I cannot hold myself accountable for certain workouts, and Eager Beaver gets the job done every workout! Michael truly looks out for my well being as well as everyone else in his classes. I am so glad to find a place to workout that is challenging, yet rewarding! Thanks Michael for all you do!" ~ Stacey

Mark Storey


"I LOVE Eager Beaver! I will never go back to a gym EVER! Michael is great and the workouts WORK! I have been working out for less than two months (religiously for 4 weeks) and have lost 3 1/2 inches in my stomach! I AM SO HAPPY!!!" ~ Stephanie

615am having fun on Halloween


"Love working out at Eager Beaver! Michael offers a variety of classes that are challenging and fun! Couldn't imagine going back to a gym. I noticed quick results and the price is amazing! If you are looking to shake up your routine, this is the place!" ~ Jessica

Training Options

Group Fit 45


HIIT with a Trainer

Barre Above


Low-Impact Sculpting 

Cardio Grid


HIIT Bodyweight 



Find your Flow 

Boom Fit

Boom Fit

Movement means Longevity

Youth Fit


U11 & U15

Personal Training & Development


Find a New You 

Random Stuff

About Michael Beavers


As a kid I organized neighborhood races, completed my first marathon by 15, and trekked over 20,000 miles through the years. I'm a dad, track coach, business owner, and have 2+ decades experience at the corporate level... I've also been overweight!!! Prior to becoming a CPT, I fought back and knocked off 60 lbs in 5 months, while building muscle. How? I spent at least 45 minutes a day completing either cardio or interval weight training, and switched up my nutrition... Now it all comes together as Eager Beaver Fitness, all of my passions in one! ☆☆☆

Nutrition Planning


Nutrition is the KEY element in demolishing your HEALTH and FITNESS goals. EBF offers Macronutrient Plans (meal plan) programmed specifically for individual needs. Let's face it, we can't out exercise a bad diet. Be sure to ask about a custom plan, and how to get started! 

  • Daily Meal Planning, including Snacks 
  • Grocery List
  • Trainer Support & Encouragement

More than Crushing Calories


A fitness plan is about more than crushing calories, and for some, it can be tough to break through the "hour-on-the-treadmill or bust" mentality. How do we obtain great results and not sabotage our weight-loss efforts? It's all about a healthy you, and curbing health-related risk factors. Here's the "skinny."
1 - Changing workouts will help us lose that last bit of weight, and/or accelerate the process for those in a hurry. If you’ve been running long distances, add short-distance sprints, hill repeats and stairs at your local high school. For those only attacking cardio, weight-lifting blended with cardio will get you to your goal faster. Also, changing workout times throughout the week can be a challenge for those in a routine, yet effective. By switching it up, your body... Read More 

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