How to Survive an Attack

Woman being attacked.

Personal Survival Training

 We live in a crazy world at times. Are you prepared for the unknown? Are you self-aware and ready to fend off an attacker?  EBF now offers a seminar aimed at helping in a negative situation. Designed for everyone, the information presented in this seminar is intended to buy a person time, and save lives. 

This seminar is NOT intended to provide individuals with skills needed to defeat an opponent. Instead, risk factors will be identified, potential dangers, defense against chokes and grabs, avoidance, and principles that when understood, can be life-saving. 

Topics Covered

3 Levels of Protection, A Good Offense, Surviving an Attack, Hit & Grab, Front Chokes, Rear Chokes, Grabs & Prevention 

Teens are welcome and encouraged to attend. Participants should wear comfortable clothing, and bring a water bottle. The session will be interactive, and participants will be paired. A secondary instructor will also be present to assist with movements. Restrooms and plenty of parking are available. 

Saturday, January 11th

11:00am - 1:15pm 

COST - $49 / Attendee


Dan Murrill, 7th Degree Black Belt, Goju Ryu Karate

Meet 7th Degree Black Belt, Dan Murrill

Dan Murrill has studied martial arts for over 30 years. He currently holds the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate. Full of wisdom, he is equally full of life! 

Dan is also a Certified NRA Instructor, husband, father, and proud grandfather!