Covid-19 Strategy

Updated 3-13-2020

Who Moved My Cheese?

Consistent throughout life, change. How we adapt ultimately matters most. Covid-19 is on everyone's mind. Your team @ EBF wants to provide normalcy. Know we are committed to your physical, mental and emotional health. We will remain open, with watchful eye on developments. 

The following changes will take effect immediately: 

* Everyone is asked to wash hands upon arrival, please & thank you 

* Use bacterial wipes on equipment prior to use, and immediately following

* Sharing equipment is discouraged. Circuit Training will be replaced with more socially friendly formats like Kettlebell & HIIT Tabata. 

* Class size may/will be limited

* A reduced evening schedule will be implemented 

* Facility is being cleaned more frequently, which always includes sanitation of floors, bathrooms, kitchenette, door handles and high touch areas.

* Class cancelations will NOT carry penalty. We ask that you cancel in the app, accounts will be adjusted as needed

* If sick, stay home. We love you, but...

* Practice Social Distancing #footbump 

* If over 60 years of age, or have a chronic illness, the CDC recommends to stay at home as much as possible

* Workout library will launch soon for at home participants 

Check back tonight for a revised schedule in app, or at